Get the Best Discount on Erica Lynne Sex Tape

Probably you do remember Erica Lynne from the time she was on “Bad Girls Club Miami” reality TV show for a variety of reasons. Among the reasons Erica Lynne was famous is her trash talking behavior amongst others. Erica Lynne proved to be one of the best as she was one of the few who was able to make it to the very last date of the reality TV series last day. Another thing that made Erica Lynne known is her super visible tattoos.

Born and raised up in Yorba Linda, CA, Erica Lynne is a well-known character who became famous through the Bad Girls Club Miami reality TV show and was famous due to her being a cheerleader who was talking trash and also due to the tattoos which were on the body. Following the Bad Girls Club Miami, reality TV show concluded, Erica Lynne decided to seek more attention and fame, making the talk of the town and as a result become even more famous when together with boyfriend Adrian made a plan to release a sex tape through Vivid Entertainment.

According to a particular source, Erica Lynne and her boyfriend Adrian were acutely aware of the sex tape’s existence and the source also says that the couple were part of their sex tape right from the beginning of production to it getting in the hands of Vivid Entertainment’s management hands and even to the release of the sex tape to the public. This sex tape involves Erica Lynne and her boyfriend Adrian, the guy she met while on the show.

The same source Go on to state that Erica Lynne and her boyfriend Adrian sold the sex tape to Vivid Entertainment. Erica Lynne says that having a sex tape released to the public is not anything new at all and according to her, nothing leaves her anything awful than the rest. She says that the only difference between her and Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton and that they did the same. Erica goes on to say that, after the two sexy queen’s respective sex tape releases, they acted as if the release caught them by surprise, that they weren’t aware of the sex tape’s release. Erica Lynne on her part says that she will not be like both.

Another Source close to the couple says that the footage containing Erica Lynne and Adrian sex video was an excellent sex tape, which clearly demonstrates the famous cheerleader who was trash talking barring every of the most inch of her tattooed self, right from these two pompoms that are on this beauty’s chest, down to her thick, yummy booty. This sex footage without any doubt got Vivid Entertainment’s management very impressed, and a lot more by Erica Lynne’s uninhibited sex performance and they settled on a deal of working on to develop a complete series that may include Erica Lynne together with the other Bad Girls Club friends.

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